Facility Location Optimisation

Do you have to manage a hub and spoke supply chain? Are you thinking of repositioning your hubs, introducing a new hub and want to determine it's catchment, or just want to know how good your current hub locations are?

Do you have depot locations for staff which service a large geographic area? Are you thinking of relocating or building a new depot?

Are you looking to install telecommunications equipment? Want to determine the optimal location to minimise overall traffic distance?

Are you looking to design territories for salesman? Bringing on a new salesman and want to determine how the new catchments will stack up?

Want to view the answer on a map, and download it as a KML file to share with colleagues?

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Input Data

Enter the locations which have to be serviced i.e. shops that need product, locations to which staff have to travel or nodes for communications traffic.

Enter the set of locations that can act as hubs i.e. new and/or existing depot locations, new installation locations, salesman base locations.

Output Data

See the optimal catchment for each chosen hub location as a list of hubbees and view it on a map

This app was created using the Tropofy platform.